Snooki Appearance Fee Hits $10,000

Snook will soon be fist pumpin’ all the way to the bank! It turns out getting the daylights knocked out of you on national television can be very beneficial for your finances. Who knew?

Just last month, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was the bargain basement star of MTV’s breakout hit Jersey Shore, charging just $2,000 for personal appearance and hosting gigs. Of course, that was before the pint-sized Italian was sucker-punched by brute Brad Ferro, a girl-beating gym teacher from Long Island. According to, being punched has boosted Snooki’s popularity — and her appearance fee — the star now commands up to $10,000 per event! The figure officially solidifies Snooki’s place as the show’s most expensive star.

Ferro, by the way, has since fired from his position with the New York City Department of Education. Snooki will be spending Valentine’s Day Weekend back on the beach; she’s hosting a Jersey Shore-themed bash at Peabody’s Nightclub in Virginia Beach on Feb. 12.

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