Snooki Alcohol Poisoning Scare On Set Of “Jersey Shore?”

Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi — perhaps best known as pint-sized guidette “Snooki” — narrowly avoided a brush with serious illness after a wild night of drinking and partying in Miami last May.

Snooks, 22, was rushed to a hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning during an episode that was scrapped from the show’s second season, tipsters tattled to on Monday.

“She was so drunk that she had to be carried out of the nightclub ‘Dream’ by the show’s producers,” squeals one snoop.

Snooki’s excessive drinking got her in trouble again in July when she was arrested in Seaside Heights, New Jersey for public drunkenness. She was sentenced to two days of community service and ordered to pay a $533 fine after pleading guilty to a misdemenor charge of disturbing the peace earlier this month.

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