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SNL ISIS Skit Angers Viewers


Once again, Saturday Night Live pushed the limits with one of their sketches and causes controversy. The parody was of the recent My Bold Dad spot in which a father and daughter have a touching moment while he drops her off to join the military in his Toyota Camry. The original spot was aired during the Super Bowl  and  was seen as a touching look at what it’s like to say goodbye for those that have loved ones in the service.

Making light of reports that several teenage girls in the U.S. and London have fled to Syria to join ISIS,  SNL made their own version of the Commercial where  the father, played by Taran Killam, drops off his teenage daughter, played by Dakota Johnson, and they have a tearfully goodbye as she says; “Dad, it’s just ISIS.”


Then, Johnson jumps on  the back of a truck with actors playing members of the Islamic State and with a mock flag, that says; “I would like a cat.”

When Killiam says to take care of his girl, one of the Islamic State members yells out; “Death to America.” As the commercial is coming to an end, a message appeared on the screen; “ISIS, We’ll take it from here, Dad.” Many people did not find the humor in the skit, as it was met with outrage by many people on Twitter, who were found it to be insensitive.


Raine LaChance wrote, “Can’t be serious. Isis skit? Like going to college? When so many people are being kidnapped and killed? Depraved.”

Another tweet by Jim Ematrudo said, “Apparently NBC and SNL thought it was funny to have a skit showing ISIS driving to an airport to pick up an American girl. Tasteless Scum!,”

Check out the video below!

Michelle Hinojosa
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