Snapchat Videos and Pictures Leaked


If you haven’t caught on yet, nothing you do is completely private. Stop thinking you are invincible.

Following the recent celebrity nude photo hacking scandal is another massive online leak of stolen personal photos and videos from Snapchat, probably by the same people.

Hackers are threatening to release as many as 200,000 stolen photos, including some of underage individuals.

The whole purpose of Snapchat is to allow users to send photos to someone to look at for a brief moment, then the pics are suppose to be deleted forever. But according to reports, hackers have somehow got a hold of these images and have collected them for years, probably from a third party source, such as is a website that offers users a website view of Snapchat instead of a mobile, and when users put in their login info, the site maliciously stored their photos and videos posted without the user or Snapchat knowing.

One user on a Reddit discussion forum says a post dubbed “The Snapping” wasn’t much to look at. He called it “13 GB of low resolution garbage. Mundane, boring s**t like ‘check out my hat!’ or ‘heehee my shoes are so silly!” But he did add there there were “maybe 100MB of actual nudes” in photo and video form.

The $10 billion company send out some tweets this weekend to insure users that they themselves were not responsible for the leak.



“Bottom line: Any time you take a picture or video with an app or smartphone, it could wind up in the wrong hands,” says WIll Carr on America’s News Headquarters.

“The moral if you don’t want compromising pictures out there then you probably shouldn’t take compromising pictures in the first place.”

Source: Insider, The Guardian

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