“Slumdog Millionaire” Child Star Homeless After City Demolishes Shack


Are we the only ones beginning to think there’s a curse on the kids of Slumdog Millionaire?

On Thursday, city workers bulldozed the home of a Slumdog Millionaire child star as part of the demolition of dozens of shanties — illegally built homes — in a Mumbai slum.

Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail was asleep when a police officer woke him up and told him to leave his family’s home, he said. Shortly after that, the shack and about 30 more were destroyed.

“A police officer took a bamboo stick to hit me, and I was frightened,” said 10-year-old Azhar.

Authorities say his family will be given a new home elsewhere.

Azharuddin played the youngest version of Salim, the brother of the main character Jamal, in the Oscar-winning film. The filmmakers say they’ve done their best to help the young stars. They set up a trust, called Jai Ho, after the hit song from the film, to ensure the children are able to purchase homes and receive a good education once they finish high school.

They also donated $747,500 to a charity to help slum kids in Mumbai.

That’s all well and good, but why are these kids still living in those deplorable conditions? Can’t the stars and producers of this Oscar-winning film do something more to help these children live better now?

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