Skechers Shape-Ups For Girls Leave Parents Outraged

It’s no secret: America’s kids are touting waistlines that would make Humpty Dumpty look like a Jenny Craig success story. The national campaign to get children off the sofa and engaging in more outdoor activity has prompted Kim Kardashian-endorsed fitness fashion giant Skechers to release a shoe from its popular “Shape-Ups” line in girls’ sizes, but the controversial move has left parents and podiatrists squawking.

Couple that with the fact that there are no Skechers Shape-Ups for boys and you’ve got another round in the ongoing debate about the oversexualization of young women in America.

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President of Skechers Fitness Group Leonard Armota has compared the new kicks to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.The shoes are available in youth sizes 2 and above and targeted towards girls 8 and under. The butt-toning shoes for girls, priced at $75 a pop, have been advertised during popular programs for pre-school-aged children via Nickelodeon and The Cartoon Network, strucking a nerve with moms and dads in the process. The animated ad campaign features a girl wearing Skechers Shape-Ups as she’s being followed by unhealthy food like a hot dog, ice cream, and a cupcake.

Meanwhile, a host of hoof specialist are decrying the shoes as a potential hazard for tiny feet.

“These shoes are designed to throw us off our normal gait pattern and are not designed for children… I wouldn’t recommend these for growing feet,” says one.

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