Sir Paul McCartney Accused Of Faking 1966 Paternity Test

A German prosecutor says Sir Paul McCartney is being investigated for faking a paternity test he took more than forty years ago to prove he did not father the daughter of a German waitress.

He took a blood test which indicated he was not, but the court rejected the evidence and ordered him to pay full maintenance.

Forty-six year old Bettina Hubers has always claimed the former Beatle is her father after an affair with her now sixty-four year old mother Erika in the days when the band played in the Starlight club in Hamburg.

The Berlin hairdressers says: “The signature on the documents he signed at the time were false. We found that the signature is from a righthanded person and he is not.

“I want a new paternity test. It is my right. It has taken so long because we have been fighting to find out the truth.”

Erica, a nightclub waitress who claimed she had a threeyear affair with him, gave birth to Bettina in December 1962.

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