Simon Cowell Signs Paula Abdul To $4.5 Million-A-Year Contract With “The X Factor?”

Get ready for another season of Simon and Paula’s signature bickering — on the US adaptation of The X Factor.

Paula Abdul has allegedly inked a $4.5 million contract to bring her loopy commentary to the judges panel on an American version of Simon’s hit UK talent show, The X Factor. That’s interesting, considering the star walked away from her post at American Idol because she failed to secure the $10 million-a-year payday she was vying for.

Apparently, Paula isn’t very good at gambling, is she?

Paula Abdul Judge On American X Factor

A FOX tipster revealed to The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker: “Simon flew Paula to London and wined and dined her relentlessly over the course of several days, even introducing her to everyone who works on X Factor. But what really clinched the deal was Simon’s pledge that she wouldn’t have to deal with all the nonsense and infighting that she hated on Idol.”

The X Factor America will premiere in 2011.

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