Simon Baker Eva Longoria TV Guide “TV’s Sexiest Stars” 2009


Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker and The Mentalist’s Simon Baker have topped TV Guide’s annual poll of the sexiest stars on the small screen.

The Australia-born actor’s new title of TV Guide’s “Sexiest Male Actor” ends Patrick Dempsey’s two-year reign as the sexiest man on television.

Baker’s show The Mentalist became an instant hit when it debuted in 2008, but the actor’s wife still isn’t convinced she’s married to the sexiest guy on TV.

He explains, “My wife said to me this morning, ‘I could take a photo of you right now and they might take that title away from you.'”

Eva Longoria also has a hard time believing magazine bosses selected her as the hottest women in primetime, especially since her on-screen alter-ego Gabrielle Solis went from former model to mothering frumpy last season.

“I think the timing for this is pretty funny actually, but also really great,” the actress says. “I love that Gaby has been able to withstand time, along with the bad haircuts and all the extra pounds, and is still considered sexy.”

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