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Signs of the Apocalypse: Kanye West Kim Kardashian Wedding Pictures Not for Sale


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will tie the knot at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy this Saturday. Celeb gawkers who’ve followed the couple’s courtship, journey to parenthood and eventual engagement (Show yourselves!), all thanks to the wonders of E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, may be disappointed to learn that a bird’s eye view of this weekend’s nuptials is not forthcoming.

Word is Kim and Kanye have turned down multiple offers, some reaching $1 million, from glossies interested in purchasing first rights to photos of the bride and groom’s European wedding.

(The screeching sound you just heard was Kris Jenner having a coronary.)

In a very un-Kardashian-like move, Kim and Kanye have decided to keep their wedding photo album to themselves. This, according to The New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l column.

“Kim wants to handle the wedding with Kanye [West] in a more private manner. There is huge interest in the wedding and in her dresses, and she’s the most famous girl in the world. She understands publicity. But selling the pictures after everything that happened with the last wedding [to Kris Humphries] isn’t the way to go and she knows that.”

In case you need a refresher course in The Great Loves of Kim Kardashian’s Life 101, just know this: Her union to the hoops star lasted about a nanosecond (technically, 72 days). The reality TV-starring socialite, nonetheless, managed to earn a mayjah windfall from all the press surrounding the brief union.

Kris and Kim sold pictures of their wedding to People magazine for $1.5 million and received $300,000 for announcing their engagement in an exclusive with the celebrity glossy. Additionally, the wedding was televised in an E! special.

If Kim and Kanye change their minds about unloading their wedding snaps, celebrity informants believe an even bigger payday could be on the way.

“If any other celebrity had been married for a few months after a two-hour E! special, they’d be unable to go back to the same well. She keeps getting bigger and bigger…If she chooses to sell exclusive wedding pictures, she’ll make more than she did last time.”

It pays to be a professional bride.


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