Signs of the Apocalypse: Kanye West Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover Becomes Reality


Never underestimate the power of a pushy rapper: It took a few years, but Kim Kardashian finally got that starring shot on the cover of Vogue magazine that she’s been vying for.

And she’s got company.

After months of reported campaigning by Kim’s future husband, hip hopster Kanye West, hardnosed Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour has apparently agreed to grant the reality star her first cover appearance for the undisputed Fashion Bible. The stink hit the fan, we hear, after Yeezy reportedly confronted Anna over her decision to feature Girls star Lena Dunham on the mag’s March issue.

A RadarOnline source claimed Kanye, 36, trotted up to Anna at an event, demanding to know why his Kim, 32, still hadn’t made the cover.

“Kanye thinks that Kim has a much bigger fan base and appeal than Lena. To Kanye, it’s insulting that his friend Anna is still refusing to even consider putting Kim on the cover of Vogue. Kanye knows that it’s always been a huge dream of Kim’s to be on the Vogue cover and Kanye wants to make it come true. If nothing else, Kanye is persistent.”

And we all know what they say about persistence. So has Vogue formally jumped the shark? Well, you be the judge.

The duo known as Kimye — reportedly heading down the aisle in Paris this summer — is featured in an embrace with the bride-to-be wearing a strapless off-white gown. Between the covers of Vogue’s April issue, Kim, ‘Ye and their infant daughter North step in front of the lens for photog Annie Leibovitz. “#WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple” is scrawled across the cover.

Kim is still beside herself with the excitement of it all and hit up Instagram to share her enthusiasm:

“O M GGGGGG!!!I can’t even breath.”

A thankful Kanye took to Twitter with a hattip to the Vogue team:

“#TRILL Thank you.”

Perhaps that star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was such a far-fetched idea after all.


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