Shot! 50 Famous People Who Have Taken A Bullet

The rich and famous sometimes (often?) get up to activities that are best described as quasi-illegal. Shady dealings naturally up a person’s personal danger level, and naturally enough there are times when those dealings will lead to a person taking a bullet. We’ve put together a list of 50 famous people who’ve been shot, many of whom had it coming. Others were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, while still others were targets of unstable, psychotic individuals. Onto the list:

1. Brandon CallBrandon Call
*Actor – “J.T. Lambert” on Step by Step* 1996- Was shot in both arms by an unknown gunman in a random attack. The gunman didn’t know whom he was attacking.

2. Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi
*Political and spiritual leader of India* 1948-He was shot and killed while on a nightly public walk in New Delhi, India by a Hindu radical. Three more attempts on his life had been made in the summer of 1934.

3. Ol’ Dirty BastardOl
*Rapper/Wu-Tang Clan member* 1994- Shot in the abdomen after an argument with another rapper. 1998-Was shot in the back-but the wounds were superficial-during a home invasion robbery at his girlfriend’s house.

4. Alan BergAlan Berg
*Attorney turned liberal radio talk show host* 1984- Shot twelve times by two white supremacists in his driveway.

5. Notorious B.I.G.Notorious B.I.G.
*Rapper – song “Hypnotize”* 1997- Killed by four shots to the chest. Biggie was shot while stopped at a red light after leaving the “Soul Train Music Awards” after show party. His murder remains unsolved.

6. John Wilkes BoothJohn Wilkes Booth
*Actor/assassinator- killed Abraham Lincoln* 1865- Made a plan to assassinate President Lincoln, Secretary of State Seward and Vice-President Johnson to throw the Union government into a panic. Booth was shot 12 days after killing Lincoln. He had tried to run away but was found and fatally shot in the neck – paralyzing him. Booth died a few hours later.

7. AkonAkon
*Senegalese-American singer/rapper – song “Smack That”* 2005-Was shot in the shoulder during a drive-by shooting that killed his friend and manager Robert Montanez. His CD Konvicted is dedicated to Montanez.

8. Cam’ron
*Rapper/Actor* 2005- He was stopped at a traffic light in Washington D.C. and a passenger of a nearby car tried to get him to give up his car- a 2006 Lamborghini. He refused and was shot by the passenger. He was still able to drive, got away and was taken to the hospital by a fan. The gunman fled the scene and was never found.

9. 50 Cent50 Cent
*Rapper* 2000- Was attacked in South Jamaica, Queens outside his grandmother’s house (she was in the front yard, his son was in the house). He was told to go in the house to get the jewelry but went to his friend’s car instead. Another car pulled up and a gunman shot 50 cent nine times with a 9mm handgun. He was shot in the hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest and left cheek. The shooter was killed three weeks later. 50 Cent is now known for wearing a bulletproof vest when in public.

10. Sam CookeSam Cooke
*Singer/songwriter* 1964-Fatally shot by motel manager, Bertha Franklin, after allegedly threatening her. He came to the motel with a prostitute and she took his clothes and money and left while he was in the shower. Cooke went to the manager’s office to look for her and reportedly became enraged, which prompted Bertha Franklin to shot him in self-defense. He died shortly thereafter.

11. Dimebag DarrellDimebag Darrell
*Guitarist for Pantera and Damageplan* 2004- He was shot three times in the head and killed instantly while performing at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. The gunman killed three others before police who had arrived on the scene shot him. He was 38 years old.

12. FabolousFabolous
*Rapper* 2006-He was shot in the right leg in Manhattan after he left Justin’s restaurant with some of his crew. They fled the scene in a Dodge Magnum, ran a red light and were pulled over by the police. All four men in the vehicle were arrested for having two unlicensed, loaded guns in the car.

13. Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand
*Archduke of Austria* 1914-Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by a member of Young Bosnia- a group who favored the destruction of Austria-Hungary. Their death triggered a sequence of events that began World War I.

14. Larry FlyntLarry Flynt
*Publisher-Hustler* 1978-Flynt was shot outside a courthouse in Georgia where he was dealing with an obscenity charge. The shooter, a white supremacist serial killer, claimed an interracial photo shoot in Hustler outraged him.
Flynt was left paralyzed from the waist down after the shooting and became addicted to the painkillers to which he was prescribed.

15. The GameThe Game
*Rapper* 2001- He was shot five times after a failed drug deal when he was 18. He had been following his older half brother, “Big Fase 100,” who led the Cedar Block Pirus gang and received bullet wounds to the heart, stomach, arms and leg in the shooting. The Game was in a three-day coma following the attack and decided to pursue a career in the rap industry while in the hospital.

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