Shot! 50 Famous People Who Have Taken A Bullet: 31-50

31. Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln
*16th President of the United States* 1865-Lincoln was shot at point-blank range in the head while attending a play at Ford’s Theatre. He was in a coma for nine hours before he died.

32. Malcolm XMalcolm X
*An American Black Muslim minister and a spokesman for the Nation of Islam* 1965- While giving a speech in Manhattan, Malcolm was shot in the chest with a sawed-off shotgun and then fired at by two other men. He was shot 16 times and pronounced dead when he arrived at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

33. Bob MarleyBob Marley
*Jamaican singer/songwriter* 1976-An assault was made by unknown gunmen inside Marley’s home, which left his wife and manager with serious injuries. Marley received minor wounds in the chest and arm but was able to perform at a concert two days later.

34. William McKinleyWilliam McKinley
*25th President of the United States* 1901-McKinley was greeting the public when his assassin shot him twice. The first shot grazed his shoulder and the second went through his stomach, colon and kidney and then lodged in the muscles in his back. One of the bullets could be removed but the second couldn’t be found. He died eight days after he was shot because medical technology at the time wasn’t able to save him.

35. Garrett MorrisGarrett Morris
*Comedian/actor- Saturday Night Live* 1994-He made a full recovery after being shot in an apparent robbery attempt. He said that the robber was beat up in jail by some of his fans.

36. Lee Harvey OswaldLee Harvey Oswald
*Assassinated President John F. Kennedy* 1963-Two days after assassinating President Kennedy, Oswald was fatally shot by a nightclub operator who was upset by the murder. He was taken to the same hospital where Kennedy died and was pronounced dead 48 hours and 7 minutes after he killed him.

37. Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
*40th President of the United States* 1981- Reagan was shot by a would-be assassin and the bullet missed his heart by less than an inch. The wound was quite serious because he lost a lot of blood and had severe breathing difficulties but he turned the situation into a more light-hearted one by joking to his wife, “Honey, I forgot to duck.”

38. Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt
*26th President of the United States* 1912-He was shot in the chest but the bullet first passed through both his steel eyeglass case and his 50 page speech. He went on to deliver the 90-minute speech and carried the bullet, which was three inches in his chest, for the rest of his life.

39. SelenaSelena
*Mexican American singer* 1995- Selena was shot by the president of her fan club after a dispute over stolen money. She was shot once in the back and died from loss of blood at the age of 23.

40. Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur
*Rapper* 1994-Shakur was shot five times in the lobby of the Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan; twice in the head, twice in the groin and once through the arm and thigh. Three hours after surgery, he checked out of the hospital to appear in court. 1996- Shakur was shot four times; one in the chest, the pelvis, his right hand and thigh, with another round ricocheting into Shakur’s right lung. He died six days later of internal bleeding and the official cause of death was listed as respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest in connection with the multiple gunshot wounds.

41. Carl SwitzerCarl Switzer
*Child actor – “Alfalfa” in Our Gang* 1958-While getting into his car, Switzer was shot in the arm but the gunman was never identified. 1959- Switzer was shot in the groin and died of internal bleeding after a dispute over an alleged debt.

42. Sean TaylorSean Taylor
*NFL’s Washington Redskins player* 2007- An armed intruder entered his Palmetto Bay, Florida home and shot Taylor in the upper leg. The bullet hit his femoral artery, which mortally wounded the 24-year-old football player. Taylor died the next day after losing a significant amount of blood.

43. Obie TriceObie Trice
*Rapper* 2005- He was shot twice in his car while driving in Detroit with his girlfriend. Doctors are still deciding if the bullet that entered his head can be safely removed or not.

44. Gianni VersaceGianni Versace
*Fashion designer* 1997-Versace was shot after his morning walk, in front of his Miami Beach house. The murderer committed suicide shortly after killing Versace.

45. Stella WalshStella Walsh
*Olympic sprinter- Female that turned out to be male* 1980-Walsh was killed by a stray bullet when he/she was a bystander in an armed robbery in Cleveland, Ohio. Autopsy reports showed that she possessed male genitalia but some sources claim she also displayed some female characteristics. The investigation showed that she had both XX and XY pair chromosomes.

46. Andy WarholAndy Warhol
*Artist/commercial illustrator* 1968-Warhol was shot by a radical feminist writer, who gave him a script to review in 1966 and he never returned it to her. She came to his studio in 1968 and shot three shot at him and then turned the gun on an art critic. Warhol was forced to wear a corset for the rest of his life to prevent his injuries from getting any worse.

47. Isaiah WashingtonIsaiah Washington
*Actor- Grey’s Anatomy* 1980’s- He was shot in the right hip after “popping his mouth to the wrong person.”

48. Darrent WilliamsDarrent Williams
*NFL’s Denver Broncos player* 2007-Williams was shot in a drive-by shooting in Denver, Colorado after some sort of altercation at a nightclub between Crips gang members and other unknown patrons. Williams was shot once in the neck, which killed him instantly.

49. Tookie WilliamsTookie Williams
* West Side Crips cofounder* He was shot in the leg at some point in his life but the details of the murders he committed trumped those facts.

50. Jackie WilsonJackie Wilson
*Singer* 1961-Wilson was shot in a jealous rage by one of his alleged lovers. He was wounded and Wilson’s management came up with a story about an obsessed fan who threatened to shoot herself and Wilson tried to intervene and got shot.

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