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The Most Shocking Celebrity Stalkers Ever



While celebrities accept that they’re going to have the occasional peculiar run in with a fan as part of the job – there’s a difference between that and having to deal with full blow stalking. Sadly, there are a lot of lunatics attracted to the bright lights of Hollywood and these are the most shocking celebrity stalkers ever:

Justin Bieber


Justin’s grown up in the public eye and has probably had to deal with a lot of peculiar behavior as he’s matured into an adult. Love him or loathe him; he entertains millions around the world and that’s probably a good thing. Without a doubt his most shocking stalker comes in the form of a con, currently doing time for rape and murder, who hatched a scheme to work with his nephew to castrate Bieber with shears. Why? So that he could keep Justin’s genitals as keepsake in his jail cell. That’s truly messed up.

Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman struck the big ticket in the stalker lottery when Jack Jordan devoted several years of his life terrifying the life out of her. He sent her creep cards full of sexual wish-fulfillment fantasies and even some not so lovely drawings. The worst of which saw a dude wielding a razor blade over her open grave. He got 3 years’ probation in 2008 for his behavior but legal warnings never keep a good stalker down and he was jailed in 2010 for violating that probation.

Jodie Foster


Strangely, it wasn’t Jodie Foster who had to pay a steep price for John Hinckley Junior’s obsession with her. Jr. picked up his stalky ways after seeing her in the De Niro classic movie “Taxi Driver”. He followed Foster to Yale so he could stalk her on campus which is creepy enough but it was his final plan to win her love that really stands out from the background stalker – he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. Reagan was shot and famously recovered. Jr. went to hospital after being cleared of his actions by reasons of being insane. He’s still in hospital now – 34 years later.

John Lennon


John Lennon’s celebrity stalking would end in tragedy. Mark David Chapman decided that being “very famous” was enough for Lennon to merit his unwanted attention. In the December of 1980 Lennon was in New York City and as exited the Dakota Building – Chapman shot him 5 times. Instead of fleeing the scene Chapman opened a copy of The Catcher in the Rye and read from it until police arrived to arrest him. He filed the novel as his statement to police. He then refused to plead insanity at the trial, against the advice of his legal team, and found himself sentenced to 20 to life.

Cameron Diaz


With a name like “Grim LeRogue” he may be the most obviously stalker-like person on our list. Grim decided to invade the pitch at Yankee Stadium and was promptly arrested. He was carrying a picture of Alex Rodriguez with an X scrawled across the face and bearing a caption; “You have to go bud, you’ve ruined too many of our white queens.” He was also carrying a photo of Alex Rodriguez’s then girlfriend; Cameron Diaz.

Gwyneth Paltrow


Dante Michael Soiu may be the most dedicated creep on the list. He spent much of 2000 sending Gwyneth Paltrow a ton of insane stuff. He’d pen up to 5 letters a day and then package up a bunch of porn to send along with them. He posted her a vibrator with a love note. Turned up at her folks home without an appointment. And a bunch of other stuff. Dante was found to be insane when he was tried for his actions and sent to a hospital.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas wasn’t unduly troubled by Dawnettte Knight who was obsessed with him in the early 2000s. Instead Dawnette saved her crazy for Catherine-Zeta Jones who she threated to slice into little pieces and feed to the dogs because of her love affair (and later marriage) with Douglas. It didn’t take long for Dawnette to appear before a judge and as she pled “no contest” she was given three years in jail for stalking.

Nicole Kidman

69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Nicole Kidman’s troubles weren’t all the fault of her now ex-husband Tom Cruise. In fact, she had to go and file charges against Matthew Hooker back in 2001. Hooker had been dropping by her home without an invite and sending her endless love poems. Hooker held a press conference claiming that the ensuing restraining order was designed to sabotage his political career (he apparently intended to become President of the United States) and to make her feel better for allegedly flirting with him. This didn’t change a thing and he has to stay a minimum of 250 yards away from her.

Conan O’Brien


Proving that being a representative of the Lord doesn’t make you any less batshit, Reverend David Ajemian began harassing the show host Conan O’Brien in 2006. He was more self-aware than many other stalkers and often signed off his letters; “your priest stalker”. Fortunately, this made it easy for the prosecution to get him to stop behaving like this and he pled “guilty”. That resulted in a $95 fine and a restraining order to stay away from Conan O’Brien for a period of two years.

Rebecca Schaeffer


Rebecca’s story didn’t end as happily. In 1986 the star of “My Sister Sam” began to be stalked by a guy called Robert John Bardo. This lunatic was incredibly dedicated to his task and used a private detective to determine her home address. Armed with this information, which had been taken from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Bardo went to Schaeffer’s house. There he found Schaeffer at home and began to remonstrate with her over “losing her innocence” (he had taken exception to her role in “Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills”). Rebecca thought he would leave after she signed an autograph for him but instead he produced a gun and she was shot dead by Bardo.


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