Shia LaBeouf Rihanna Breakup Leads To Drinking And Public Outbursts

Shia LaBeouf recently transformed into an out-of-control drunkard-and Star Magazine snitches are fingering heartbreak over his split with ex-girlfriend Rihanna as the real culprit. Girl-lovin Rih-Rih recently confirmed a heavily-rumored love affair with actor Josh Hartnett.

“Shia was crazy about Rihanna, and I think it sent him into a tailspin after she broke it off,” a friend tells Star. “Hopefully, this arrest will be the wakeup call he needs to pull himself together!”

The breakup has led to a rash of personality transitions for Shia:

On Oct. 14, Shia crashed a wine-tasting event at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, Calif. “Shia and two friends tried cutting the line and entering without paying,” says a spyness. “He was told he’d have to wait and pay like anyone else, but he started yelling, ‘I was in Transformers! Don’t you know who I am?’ The event sponsor finally said, ‘This clown is giving me a headache!’ — and a bouncer told him to leave.”

During another event:

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Shia threw another fit when a doorman failed to recognize him at a T-Mobile Sidekick LX launch party in L.A.

Shia “looked trashed” as he swigged vodka straight out of the bottle while “running around” the VIP lounge at Hollywood hotspot Les Deux.