Shia LaBeouf: Nothing Says “I’m Sorry” Like a Skywriter

When the news first broke that Shia LaBeouf’s debut short film was heavily influenced by the plot of and dialogue featured in the Daniel Clowes comic Justin M. Damiano — without crediting Clowes — LaBeouf wrote a series of tweets apologizing for the incident.

It soon became apparent, however, that most of LaBeouf’s mea culpa tweets were also plagiarized from embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford, Kanye West, Tiger Woods and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Obviously, this didn’t go over so well.

Two weeks later, Shia’s still in damage control mode. This time, however, he’s taken to writing his apologies over the sky rather than on Twitter. The Transformers star hired a plane to spell out “I Am Sorry Daniel Clowes” in the Los Angeles skies on New Year’s Day.

Since Daniel Clowes lives in San Francisco, it’s unlikely that he was able to witness LaBeouf’s gesture first-hand (unless, of course, he happens to have freakishly good eyesight).