Shia LaBeouf Arrested, Muzzled…During Broadway Show

Shia LaBeouf has been uncharacteristically quiet ever since he got caught plagiarizing, declared himself “no longer famous” and went into seclusion.

But Shia’s never been one for long periods of solitude. Naturally, his return to the spotlight was loud, spirited and involved both a stage and handcuffs.

The former Even Stevens star, 28, was arrested in New York City on Thursday evening. LaBeouf is facing one count of criminal trespass and an additional charge of disorderly conduct after allegedly causing a disruption during a Broadway production, the Associated Press reports.

Shia was in the audience during a live performance of the Broadway show Cabaret when he went off the rails and inexplicably began smoking and slapping strangers on the rear. Police were called when the oft-erratic star refused to pipe down. That’s when Shia’s strange behavior became criminal.

The actor fell on his face, threatened arresting officers, dropped a homophobic slur and eventually had to be muzzled with a face mask for spitting. LaBeouf was booked and released at approximately 1 a.m. Friday morning. Police have tacked on a charge of harassment while they try to figure out what happened.

This has been a year of odd behavior for the already odd ex-Transformers star. He endured weeks of public ridicule following the revelation that his short film was a rip-off of cartoonist Daniel Clowes graphic novel Justin M. Damiano. Shia purposely plagiarized apologies from the likes of Kanye West, Rob Ford, Tiger Woods, Lena Dunham and Mark Zuckerberg and posted them on his Twitter feed as a mea culpa to Clowes. In January, he was caught headbutting a clubgoer outside a British pub, but not before announcing his retirement from Hollywood altogether.

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