Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband, Jeff Tarpley, Wants Her To Shut Up

The former husband of comedienne/TV personality Sherri Shepherd is livid that the star of ABC’s The View can’t seem to stop telling the world that he’s a manwhore.

Funny, because he sure doesn’t seem offended when he’s cashing those hefty alimony checks….

Jeff Tarpley was married to Sherri for eight years before he was exposed as a “cheetah” by his then-pregnant mistress. Sherri, who was also pregnant at the time, promptly dropped the loser and made him the punchline to nearly all of her bad jokes. She even hired my childhood crush Malcolm Jamal Warner to play a character based on Tarpley on her Lifetime comedy, Sherri.

Go figure.

Five years after the affair, Jeff believes the time has come for Sherri to “move on” and quit bad-mouthing him in public. The slimmed-down celeb is under fire from Tarpley, who’s fuming that she constantly blabs about him to the gals of The View….and to anyone else who’ll listen.

Tarpley has sent an open letter to his ex-wife, begging her to put a lid on it for the sake of their 4-year-old son, Jeff Jr.

“….Sherri Shepherd, to whom I was married for 8 years and have an amazing son with, has openly discussed and distorted details of our marriage for close to six years following our break-up. To this very day, my name is consistently dragged through the mud at her every opportunity. Sherri, don’t you think it’s time to move on?” Jeff writes.

Although Jeff says he receives daily calls from friends who alert him to snippy remarks Sherri’s made about him on the show, the hostess allegedly lavishes the ex with extravagant gifts:

“What’s shocking is that despite her steady stream of negative comments about me, and inaccurate portrayal of me on her Lifetime sitcom, I still receive gifts from her. Most recently, she sent me a Kevin Garnett Celtics jersey. Are these gifts a way of making her public accusations about me okay? It’s not that simple. My happiness and peace of mind cannot be bought. The only gift I want is for Sherri to move on with her life and stop using her talk show, her sitcom and national magazines to destroy my reputation…..” Tarpley adds.

“I’ve owned up to the mistakes I’ve made and I never claimed to be perfect. All I ask is that that she no longer dwell on the past; and instead, let’s move on with our lives while providing our son the best possible care.”

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