Sherri Shepherd Replaces Carnie Wilson As Host Of “The Newlywed Game;” Makes Bank As Co-Host Of “The View”

If playing second fiddle to Babs Walters doesn’t quite sound like your idea of a dream job, just wait until you get a peek at what Sherri Shepherd brings home as one-fifth of ABC’s The View.

Shepherd — who’s just getting around to divorcing her adulterous husband Jeff Tarpley — recently had to file an income declaration in her ongoing divorce battle and the documents reveal that daytime’s resident noodle noggin earns $54,767 a month for working only 16 hours a week on the femme gabfest.

Want even more statistics? Okay. That averages out to roughly $657,000 a year. But here’s the real kicker. Sherri documented that her 16 hours of talk time nets her approximately $855 an hour.

This for a woman who spent the first 35 years of her life thinking the Earth was flat. Only in America!

And get this, The View isn’t Sherri’s only gig. She-She brings home even more dough thanks to her recurring role on NBC’s 30 Rock, where she stars as Angie Jordan, and recently had roles in films like Precious and the upcoming comedy One for the Money, featuring Katherine Heigl.

In addition, Sherri reportedly just inked a deal to take over as host of The Game Show Network’s modern-day revival of The Newlywed Game. Rumor has it that host Carnie Wilson was ousted from the show after two seasons after she failed to connect with the comedy-lovin’ audience.

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