Sherri Shepherd Leaving “The View” : Sherri Shepherd Could Be Fired From “The View”


As Whoopi would say, “Sherri, you in danger, girl!”

In another sign of the deepening recession, cash-strapped ABC execs are reportedly looking to let go of one of the five co-hosts on its popular daytime chatfest The View, and we hear dizty co-host Sherri Shepherd is well on her way to becoming the next Star Jones.

Sherri’s name is tops on a list of View chatterboxes who could be slammed with a pink slip in coming weeks because she hasn’t contributed too much in her 17 months on the Emmy-winning talk show, network insiders revealed to Star Magazine this week.

Hey, hey, hey. Now that’s not fair. Sherri’s contributed plenty since joining the cast of The View. Take September 2007 for instance, when the comedienne stated–with a straight face might we add–that she isn’t sure whether the Earth is round or flat. Or how about the time that she frantically worried that allowing her son, Jeffrey, to play with dolls would turn the toddler into a homosexual as an adult? Let us not foget that whole “Jesus Predates Everything” Brouhaha. Tell us those gems don’t come in handy when you need a few chuckles. Sherri brings on the LOLs.

How much more can a girl contribute?!

“Sherri hasn’t won many fans,” tattles tell Star. “Polls show that she is unpopular and comes across as an airhead.”

Sherri shares her co-hosting duties with Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, and lone conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Would you be happy to see Sherri leave The View?

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