Sherri Shepherd: The Kid Is Not My Son!

Sherri Shepherd’s already ugly divorce-custody battle got even uglier over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, as the recently unemployed comedienne filed a legal petition to effectively sever ties with her unborn child.

In May, Shepherd’s estranged husband, writer Lamar Sally, filed for divorce in Los Angeles. In addition to suing Sherri for custody of a son the former couple is expecting via surrogate sometime this month, Lamar wants their prenuptial agreement nullified on the grounds of fraud.

In legal documents filed in New Jersey last week, Sherri countered that Lamar tricked her into entering into a surrogacy agreement while secretly plotting to divorce her once the baby was in utero. It’s all a plan to get the out-of-work scribe a hefty bounty in child support, the funny gal argues. Since the baby was conceived using Lamar’s sperm and a donor egg, the ex-Viewster can’t think of a single reason why she should have to support a child she has no genetic link to.

Under the terms of the couple’s prenup (You know, the one Lamar wants thrown out), Sherri would retain full physical custody of the newborn. But she no longer want that right. Tattling tipsters tell TMZ that Sherri, 47, has no interest in seeking custody of the baby boy and doesn’t want to be considered one of the parents.

She’s hoping that a judge will revoke any parental rights, in spite of the surrogacy agreement she signed. Food for thought: Sherri opted to file her divorce petition in the Garden State, which does not recognize surrogacy arrangements.

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