Sherri Shepherd Bikini Wax (VIDEO)

The View’s Sherri Shepherd got her first bikini wax at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in New York City on Wednesday– and boy was it an adventure.

Hilarity ensues as the normally ditzy Sherri battles through her first-ever round of wax therapy.

On the ride pver to the salon, Sherri complains to companions that despite being married for more than a decade, she has never waxed any of the hair from her private area. (Which probably explains why she recently divorced, but we digress.) She says she simply didn’t see the point of grooming that area of her body when she had already managed to land a husband. Huh? Adding to Sherri’s frustration is the fact that no one bothered to tell her that she would be getting the particularly cringeworthy Brazilian bikini wax.

“This is worse than having a baby…”

One word: Ouch!

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