Shawn Johnson Stalker Convicted

A Florida man accused of stalking Olympic gymnast and Dancing with the Stars champ Shawn Johnson was found guilty of stalking by a California jury on Friday.

Robert O’Ryan, 36, was found guilty of felony stalking and burglary charges, as well as guilty of two misdemeanor concealed weapons violations, one day after a shaken Shawn, 18, testified that she was frightened of O’Ryan, who traveled across the country to meet the star.

O’Ryan, who developed an obsession with Shawn, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and waived the right to a jury trial over a March 2009 incident in which he tried to gain entry to ABC Studio, where she was filming Dancing With The Stars. In his car, police reportedly found a loaded gun, a shotgun, duct tape, a bulletproof vest, a knife, zip ties, and numerous love poems written to then-17-year-old star.

During her testimony Thursday, Shawn confessed that she considered quitting the reality dance competition, which she ultimately went on to win.

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