Shauna Sand Sex Tape [Trailer VIDEO]

Shauna Sand — the busty star of the new E! reality hit Leave It To Lamas — is going to war with the world’s largest adult film producer over a hardcore sex tape featuing the blonde and her off-again ex Romain Chavent in action.

Aw snap!

According to, the folks who brought you delightful titles like Kim K Superstar and Debbie Does Dallas…Again will release the official Shauna Sand Sex Tape on Oct. 19 — and Double S isn’t a bit pleased about it.

“Yes I did make a sex tape with my boyfriend earlier this year. In fact I’ve made several sex tapes, but I certainly didn’t sign off on this and Vivid has no right to put it out. I am trying to get a hold of my attorney now,” Shauna said as news of the tape’s existence leaked to the press early Monday.

But Vivid founder Steven Hirsch says his company has every right to hawk the tape, saying, “We were approached by a third party, who brought us footage of Shauna having sex with her current boyfriend and we were immediately interested in acquiring it … We’re comfortable with our legal position in releasing this footage.”

We can’t wait to hear how Lorenzo Lamas feels about former wife’s big porn debut! We’ll keep you posted. For now, you can click here to check out the extremely NSFW Shauna Sand Sex Tape Trailer.

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