Sharon Stone Airplane Tantrum — Actress Detained By Police After Argument With Flight Attendant


Sharon Stone was reportedly detained by police in Salt Lake City after the actress got into a very public screaming match with a flight attendant for refusing to comply with flight restrictions. After boarding a flight from Kalispell, Montana to Salt Lake City, Sharon was asked to check her second bag in, which sent the star raging.

“The flight attendant in Kalispell asked her to gate check her bag and Sharon refused and got into a huge fight with her,” says an eyewitness. “They eventually took the bag from her and she screamed at her assistant with her and made a scene during the entire flight.”

“When the plane got to Salt Lake City it was met by armed Salt Lake City police officers. She was detained. Its not clear if she was arrested.”

Paul Bloch, Sharon’s rep, spins a different tale.

“Sharon had been visiting her father in Montana, and was approved to take both bags on the plane. When she got to the plane, she told me the stewardess screamed at her that she couldn’t take both bags on board,” said Bloch.

The publicist adds that the person who met her at the airport was “private security hired by Sharon. She was not detained by police.”

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