Shaq David Beckham Soccer Challenge For “Shaq vs.” Reality Show

Shaquille O’Neal has challenged David Beckham to a game of soccer for his new ABC reality TV show – urging the “football” ace to step up in a series of taunting posts on his page.
David Beckham

Shooting will begin next month on Shaq’s Shaq vs. reality show, which will see him take on his rival sporting peers at their own game. The Cleveland Cavs star is already set up a swimming battle against Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, a boxing bout against former world champion Oscar De La Hoya, and a tennis game against Serena Williams — but it’s Becks that he wants.

In one Tweet, Shaq writes: “Dear David Beckham. I know you have heard about my Shaq Vs show, anyway u (sic) will never score a goal on me. I challenge you, lil’ man.”

In another, he remarks: “David Beckham, I know you hear me. Don’t be scared, don’t make me call u (sic) out. U (sic) will never score a goal on me. Don’t make me Tweet to two million people that yur (sic) scared of Shaq, u (sic) better respond, if u (sic) scared get a dog.”

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