Shannon Price “Entertainment Tonight” Interview Kicks Off Monday

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife has responded angrily to rumors that she may have played a sinister hand in the former child star’s death. Shannon Price — the 24-year-old redhead who wed Coleman after a brief courtship n 2007 — is taking the campaign to clear her name to tabloid TV; Price will sit down with entertainment journalist Kevin Hart in a five-part interview to begin airing on Entertainment Tonight Monday.

Gary — who rose to prominence playing Arnold Drummond on TV’s Diff’rent Strokes –died from a brain hemorrhage May 28 after falling in the Salt Lake City home he shared with his ex-wife.

“I was upstairs in the bed. You know I wasn’t feeling very well myself that day. So, you know, I just asked Gary if he could go downstairs and I wasn’t anywhere near him….That people think that I would’ve killed him or that I would’ve hurt him intentionally … I would take my own life before I would do anything to him … I mean I would harm myself before I would ever hurt him.”

The couple had divorced in 2008, but Price says they later agreed that divorce “wasn’t the right choice,” says Shannon. Price also defends her decision to turn off the 42-year-old’s life support machine.

“The doctors advised me that he wasn’t going to make it. His heart was giving out it was going to stop regardless. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make in my entire life. Seeing Gary in that circumstance…. it was best for him to go and not suffer. He was already a vegetable….He was gone immediately. When they took him off, his heart rate went down to 60 and then when they turned the machines off he was gone that quick.”, on the other hand, cites snitches who claim Shannon is wasting no time cashing in on Gary’s demise. Word of the Curb has it that Big Red’s trying to get up to $50K in exchange for interviews on her life with the iconic ex-child star — even offering a tour of the home where Gary took his fatal fall.

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