Red Light District Offers $500,000 For Josh Hartnett Sex Tape

Was Josh Hartnett really caught getting his moan on in the library of a British hotel? The actor vehemently denies that he was secretly taped having lewd public sex with an unidentified woman while staying at London’s SoHo Hotel last month. Josh, 30, has even filed suit against Britan’s Daily Mirror for publishing the allegedly…

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Mini Me Sex Tape Sale:

In the market for an early stock stuffer? Got $9.95? The full Ranae Shrider-Mini Me Sex Tape is now on sale at Not Safe For Work, Life, or While Eating After The Jump!

Avril Lavigne Sex Tape Rumors Resurface

Old whispers of a sex tape featuring singer Avril Lavigne made their way back into the news this week. A steamy video clip currently making the rounds online features a woman, purported to be the guarded star, riding a slong while the Lavigne track “Don’t Tell Me” blares in the background.

Sex Tape Co-Star Ranae Shrider Says: “Verne Troyer Cheated On Me!”

Ranae Shrider says she leaked Verne Troyer Sex Tape after the tiny star cheated on her. Mini-Me-Mini-Cheater! Aspiring model Ranae Shrider says she leaked video footage of herself doing the mattress mambo with actor Verne Troyer after discovering the 2ft. 8in. Love Guru star had repeatedly been unfaithful to her.

Verne Troyer Penis Size “Proportionate,” Says Ranae Shrider

Sounds like Verne Troyer’s a “small fry” in more ways than one! Troyer’s sex tape co-star, twenty-two year old aspiring model Ranae Shrider, called into the MJ Morning Show in Tampa, Florida late last week to confirm reports that the now infamous “Mini-Me Sex Tape” had been stolen..and to dish a little dirt on the…

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Verne Troyer Sex Tape Girl Photos: Ranae Shrider Pictures

In Touch Weekly has positively identified the petite brunette featured in the Verne Troyer Sex Tape as Ranae Shrider. Not much is presently known about Ranae (who apparently has incredibly low standards), but celebrity snitches have managed to ascertain that the twenty-two year old is an aspiring model from Kentuck, who was, until recently, involved…

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Ranae Shrider Verne Troyer Sex Tape Co-Star

“Mini Me” actor Verne Troyer poses with former girlfriend Ranae Shrider. Ranae Shrider is the mystery woman doing the “Grown Up” with Verne Troyer in the actor’s scandalous new sex tape. The twenty-two year-old actress lived with The Love Guru star for six months and thought she would marry him, In Touch Weekly reports.

Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape Fake

Experience Hendrix, a Seattle-based company that controls rights to rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix’s music and likeness, is adamant that Vivid Entertainment’s “sexual documentary” Jimi Hendrix: The Sex Tape is not authentic.

Watch Dita Von Teese Sex Tape: Watch Dita Von Teese Lesbian Sex Tape

Video footage of the lesbian sex romp starring Wonderbra tit-model Dita Von Teese has leaked to the Net. We first told you about the Dita Von Teese sex tape on Tuesday and unless Dita and her knockers have an identical twin, it’s definitely the burlesque dancer featured in the footage.

Calum Best Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape Voicemails

Lindsay Lohan lit into ex-boyfriend Calum Best after a sex tape, which supposedly features the British lothario and the former Mean Girl in a naughty tryst, found its way to the web.

Kristin Davis Sex Tape Denial

Actress Kristin Davis is denying that she is featured in a new oral sex tape that sweeped the Net late Monday. (If that’s not her, then this could be one of the most convincing knockoff celebrity sex tapes on the market.) “This is not a photo of Kristin Davis. There is no sex tape,” a…

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Gene Simmons Sex Tape Confession Statement


Gene Simmons has issued a statement on his official website confirming that he is featured in a sex tape circulating online. Gene Simmons Sex Tape Here!