Lady Gaga Sex Tape?

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It’s hard to imagine Lady Gaga with a boyfriend. Now that we think of it, it’s difficult to imagine a woman who enjoys dressing up as a hard-boiled egg having genitailia period. (But that’s another story…) Despite this, worried pals of the pop star say her 30-year-old beau, Brooklyn bartender Luc Carl, has got a…

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Tila Tequila, Reluctant Star Of First Lesbian Threesome Celebrity Sex Tape

Tila Tequila Lesbian Sex Tape

Attention-lovin’ and slightly unstable reality star Tila Tequila will become the reluctant star of what’s being billed Hollywood’s first lesbian celebrity sex tape when raunchy footage of her nibbling on the unmentionables of a couple of girlfriends hits the shelves of adult smut retailers later this month.

Jay-Z/Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan Top Celebrity Sex Tape Dream List

Once one of Tinseltown’s most promising young starlets, these days, Lindsay Lohan spends more time making illicit headlines than she does making movies. And that’s precisely why the porn purveyors at Vivid Entertainment want LiLo to know that a promising new career awaits her…in the Wonderful World of Adult Films. You know — if she…

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Kendra Wilkinson Lesbian Sex Tape With Taryn Ryan Emerges

The last time a sexual skeleton came tumbling out of Kendra Wilkinson’s closet, the former Playboy “Girl Next Door” became the star of Vivid Entertainment’s bestselling celebrity sex tape…ever. Now Kendra’s checking account could be in for another windfall after news that the married mom is featured in a new sex tape that may soon…

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Octomom Sex Tape! Nadya Suleman Spanking Man VIDEO

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Brain Bleach, puhleeze! Cash-strapped Octomom Nadya Suleman has consistently snubbed offers from some of the most prominent adult film studios in The Smut Business to strip off on camera in exchange for the cash she desperately needs to save her brood from eviction. Though Suleman, a mother of 14, may be opposed to sexing it…

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Tiger Woods Sex Tape Shopped By Porn Star Devon St. James

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In “Eww, Eek, Icky” News: An adult film star who once moonlighted as Mistress No. 675 in Tiger Woods’ harem of pussy peddlers has threatened to reveal a sex tape featuring her in the throes of passion with the scandal-scarred golfer.

Tila Tequila Sex Tape Bidding War

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It’s a Skin Flick Double Whammy for unstable reality star Tila Tequila. Tequila has two sex tapes, with two different partners of two different sexes, and two porn companies are bidding for both. Try to keep up. There’ll be a quiz on this later.

Sam Jones III Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Photos

Karissa Shannon Sex Video

Break out the Brain Bleach: Vivid Entertainment is giving us our first glimpse at what company president Steve Hirsch promises could be Vivid’s best-selling slab of celebrity smut since 2007’s Kim K Superstar: The Sam Jones III & Karissa Shannon Sex Video.

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Sold For “Six-Figures”

It took some legal wrangling, doused with a lot of “cold hard cash,” but former Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon and her boyfriend Sam Jones (Perhaps best known as “The Black Guy from Smallville…”) have finally given the green light to release their super-raunchy sex tape.

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape — Coming Soon?

Sheesh — Not a good week to be E!’s First Lady of Late Night. Eh? A nanosecond after The New York Times slammed her as “one of the worst hosts in the history” of MTV’s Video Music Awards, Chelsea Lately is again warding off a public relations nightmare as rumors of a sex tape starring…

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Danielle Staub Sex Tape Flops

Danielle Staub: Raw hit the shelves of smut retailers nationwide in June…..and that’s pretty much where its been ever since!

Spencer Pratt Shelves “Speidi” Sex Tape

So much for Speidi: The Sex Tape! Spencer Pratt must have taken a recent trip to Oz– because it appears the slimeball reality villain has suddenly developed a heart and decided against subjecting the masses to the monstrosity that would be Speidi in XXX.

Heidi Montag Karissa Shannon Sex Tape On Sale For $5 Million

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Heidi Montag has denied the existence of a sex tape starring herself and soon-to-be-ex hubby Spencer Pratt. But we’re itching to see what the former reality star has to say about Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon’s claims that she bumped labias with the plastic surgery addict on camera in one of several sex tapes that Spencer…

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Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Sex Tape

Break out the Pepto Bismol…We’ve got a feeling you’re going to need it. In other signs of the Apocalypse, jilted lover Spencer Pratt is hawking a sex tape featuring him shucking the surgically-altered corn of his soon-to-be former wife Heidi Montag.

Fantasia Overdose

Fantasia overdosed on sleeping pills and painkillers Did American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino break up someone’s marriage? It sure sounds like it — and the guilt may have sent the “Truth Is” hitmaker to the hospital overnight.

Montana Fishburne: “I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Porn Star”

Montana Fishburne Sex Tape

Oh Lawd: Montana “Chippy D” Fishburne, burgeoning adult film star and the 18-year-old daughter of CSI actor Laurence Fishburne, has opened up to PEOPLE Magazine about her decision to enter that adult industry, despite being the celebuspawn of one of Hollywood’s leading actors. Montana says starring in adult films is something she “always wanted to…

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Tila Tequila Porn Deal?

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Park it, Chippy D! You’re not the only Z-Lister looking to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame by taking a walk on the wildside as an adult film star. We hear reality star-turned-blogging mess Tila Tequila — or Miss Tila, as she calls herself these days –has reportedly signed on to star in a…

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