Sex Tape Co-Star Ranae Shrider Says: “Verne Troyer Cheated On Me!”

Ranae Shrider says she leaked Verne Troyer Sex Tape after the tiny star cheated on her.

Mini-Me-Mini-Cheater! Aspiring model Ranae Shrider says she leaked video footage of herself doing the mattress mambo with actor Verne Troyer after discovering the 2ft. 8in. Love Guru star had repeatedly been unfaithful to her.
Ranae fell in love with Verne after meeting him at a New Year’s Eve Party at the Playboy Mansion last December, but her affection turned to heartbreak when she learned of the actor’s infidelity after six months of dating.

“He cheated on me a bunch of times. I never once cheated on him. I took our relationship seriously,” the Kentucky native told In Touch Magazine. “This was the first guy I have ever lived with….I was never really accepted by his friends because I would always keep an eye on his drinking.”

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