Kim Cattrall may have inadvertently given away some secrets from the plot of the upcoming big screen blockbuster Sex and The City 2.


Britain’s Daily Mirror zoomed in on a page of script she was carrying in New York City last week, and the tabloid claims there’ll be big chances in the life of sex-obsessed PR hotshot Samantha Jones in the highly-anticipated film.


The actress was spotted carrying her script for the upcoming which revealed her alter-ego is using testosterone hormones, which are sometimes taken to help women conceive. Samantha, who turned 50 in the closing scene from the first movie, had a bottle of hormone pills on her desk during the scene in question

In an exchange between Samantha and her assistant Meghan, the blonde maneater knocks over a container of hormones taken by both men and women with fertility problems and orders Meghan to go and get some more.

Samantha tells her: “I’m going to need you to go on a testosterone run.”

Meghan replies: “I’ll do it first thing tomorrow.”

Samantha told her curtly: “I’ll call the pharmacy and tell them you are on your way.”

Samantha’s ex-boyfriend Smith Jerrod – played by Jason Lewis – is also expected to return after she dumped him at the end of the last movie.

Sex And The City 2 opens in theaters next May.

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