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Seth Rogen Playboy April 2009 (Magazine Cover)



A slimmed-down Seth Rogen joins brunette model Hope Dworaczyk on the cover of the April issue of Playboy. As only the ninth man to ever grace the cover of the iconic skin mag, the Superbad star hopes to become a trendsetter for other “rotund Jews.”

“Woody Allen created a look for small, nebbishy Jews, and I’m doing the same for chubby Jewish guys. I created a new look for rotund Jews. I have seen more guys lately who kind of look like me. It’s an easily attainable look.”

But Seth isn’t the same lovable ball of chub he once was. The comedian credits his upcoming comedy, Observe and Report, with prompting his recent dramatic weight loss.

“We shot the movie in Albuquerque, which is at a very high altitude. I’m somebody who can barely breathe in Los Angeles, which is at sea level. There were some big action scenes. Every day it felt as if I were climbing Everest.”

So what would Seth do with his life if he weren’t an actor? “Working in a video store or a comic-book store is the only thing I could possibly enjoy as much. I’d be one of those guys you look at and say, ‘What the fuck is wrong with him?… Why doesn’t he get out and do something with his life?'” he laughs. “I would definitely be that guy. Maybe I’d do a combo: a video-game-and-comic-book store. Yeah, that would be cool. That’s definitely what I should do if I crap out in movies. You know, that sounds so good it’s almost worth quitting for.”

Seth jokes in the April issue of Playboy, on newsstands April 10.


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