Seth Myers Finally Puts The Elizabeth Warren Presidential Run Talk To Rest…Or Does He? [Watch]


Seth Myers took time out of his late night talk show to address the media and others who question whether Elizabeth Warren will run for president. Everyone seems to want her to run despite her insistent answer of no, but does she really mean it?

That’s what the Late Night host attempted to dissect throughout the segment on his show last night. He showed clips of multiple news outlets refusing to give up on the question of “Are you running?” and many liberals around the country, including a long list of celebrities continue to urge the Massachusetts senator to run as well.

The segment, while directed at Warren and others who support her presidential possibility, is a part of an ongoing segment on his show called “Will They Or Won’t They?” With the popularity of Senator Warren rising all the time, the question of her running is just as relevant as ever.

Seth Myers is obviously a fan of Elizabeth Warren and is not against her running. However, he makes a good point that her supporters may want to remember: if she does not run for president, it’s not as if she’s going backpacking in Europe or something, she will still be a United States senator.

He pokes fun at her wishy-washy answers regarding the possibility of running, saying things like “No, I’m not running for president” and “No, I won’t run,” when he exclaims “Make up your mind!” He continues to point out the irony

Seth Myers ends the segment in a beautiful way for anyone who is a supporter of the idea of Elizabeth Warren running for president by playing a clip of President Barack Obama being interviewed prior to his presidency saying that he would not run for president in 2008.

Well, we all know how that turned out, but how many people remember him saying that? She still has plenty of time to decide and for the people that do not feel that Hilary Clinton is liberal enough, it could be smart for Warren to challenge her. If it does end up being Bush vs. Clinton, Seth Myers also brilliantly compared the scenario to a historical reenactment rather than an election.

Tell US: What did you think of Seth Myers’ segment on Elizabeth Warren? Should she run for president?

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