‘Sesame Street’ YouTube Channel Hacked With Hardcore Porn

The Cookie Monster’s porn nickname would definitely be… Oh, never mind.

So imagine sitting the kids down in front of Sesame Street’s YouTube channel for some wholesome viewing and discovering they were actually watching hardcore pornography.

This actually happened!

Sesame Street had to briefly deactivate its YouTube handle on Sunday afternoon after hackers apparently took over and replaced its kid-friendly content with very adult, very explicit naughtiness for approximately 20 minutes. (Kudos to E! for being among the first to make the obvious-but-funny “Brought to you by the letters XXX” gag.)

“WHO DOESN’T LOVE PORN KIDS? RIGHT! EVERYONE LOVES IT!” read a message that one of the hackers posted to Sesame Street’s account.

Luckily, everything was A-OK by Monday and the channel’s programming returned to normal, according to YouTube.

“We have since restored our original line-up of the best classic Sesame Street video clips featuring Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, and the rest of the fuzzy, feathered, and googly-eyed friends you remember from childhood…”

Sesame Street producers have declined to comment.

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