Serena Williams issues apology for Stuebenville Rape Comments


The Queen of the Court, Serena Williams, has faced major backlash after comments surfaced last week that the tennis star had made. Williams was asked about the Stuebenville, Ohio rape case, where a girl was assaulted and the perpatrators then posted video and photos of the attack on-line and sent them via text.

Williams issued the following statement on her personal website.

I am deeply sorry for my insensitive and misinformed comments. It was not my intention to cause the victim and her family any additional pain. But I did, and I am sorry. I am grateful to them for the opportunity to personally apologize, and I am humbled by their strength, grace, and forgiveness. I also want to extend an apology to the millions of sexual assault victims in America whose pain could have been compounded by my inappropriate remarks. Rape and all forms of sexual assault are completely unacceptable, no matter the circumstances. Sexual assault perpetrated against women and men is never acceptable and *never* the fault of the victim.

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