‘Sense8’ Trailer: Check Out The New Netflix Series From The Wachowski Siblings [Watch]


Sense8 is the latest series headed to Netflix and like several others, it certainly has the potential to be a hit with fans. The Wachowski siblings have had a bit of an up and down career in film, but this will be their first attempt at a TV series.

While they initially gained popularity over The Matrix, their films such as Jupiter Ascending and others in recent years have not been the most popular with fans. Most people probably haven’t even heard of the series yet, but the trailer has been revealed, and from the looks of it, the series will be packed with action.

The series is created by the Andy and Lana Wachowski along with the help of writer J. Michael Straczynski. It tells the story of eight different people across the globe who suddenly find themselves connected, able to tap into each other’s minds, skills, and physical abilities.

Sense8 will be based around an ensemble cast of a few well-known actors, but made up of mostly unknowns. The cast so far includes Daryl Hannah, Naveen Andrews, Joe Pantoliano, Jamie Clayton, and Max Reimelt, among others.

The plot is surreal and may remind fans of their work on films such as Cloud Atlas, but it also sounds a bit like the concept for NBC’s cult favorite Heroes. Once each of the characters discover their abilities and how to work together, they are each forced to find a way to survive while being hunted by those who see them as a threat.

A critique of some of their recent films has been that they try to cram too much plot and action into one film while a TV series could benefit their style and allow them to expand more as it takes place in 8 different cities and looks like it will have an in depth story.

Sense8, unlike every Netflix show that has come before it with 13 episodes, will only feature 12. The dramatic science fiction show will be available for streaming starting on June 5th.

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