Selena Gomez Raps in MTV EMA Promo

Selena Gomez has all the makings of the proverbial “Girl Next Door:” A million-dollar smile, a clean-cut career as a Disney Darling (Take notes, Miley…), and Justin Bieber as a boyfriend.

That’s why seeing her bust a rhyme as a badass femcee is kinda awesome and cringeworthy at the same time.

Move ovah, Nicki Minaj.

The 19-year-old sports a bandana and a flannel (Just like any good chola…) for a promo for next month’s MTV Europe Music Awards, which she is hosting. Her bad-girl persona spits a semi-tough rap at her clean-cut incarnation: “Who else better than me to be hosting the show/ People know who the eff I is/ I’m a pro/ The right time and place for me to be/ Yeah, I’ll say it/ Congratulations to me!”

A disclaimer runs at the beginning of the promo, warning saying viewers that, “Some of the Selenas in this video are fictional. Any similarities to the actual Selena are purely coincidental.”

Cute, but yeah, stick to the singing, Selena.

The 2011 MTV EMA premieres Nov. 6 @ 6 PM on Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más.

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