Selena Gomez Might Play ‘Hot Mess’ After Being Stalked By One

Hollywood snoops tell Deadline that Selena Gomez is in chats to follow up her summer flick Monte Carlo with a starring role in the upcoming David Myers comedy Hot Mess: the story of four girls desperately trying to avoid becoming the “hot messes” they’re destined to become.

Speaking of things hot and messy, have you heard that Selena has a psycho?

Someone wants to kill the cute-as-a-button Wizards of Waverly Place starlet.

And this time a crazed Justin Bieber fan isn’t at the center of the drahmah.

Gomez has been targeted with a death threat so serious that the Los Angeles Police Department’s “Threat Management Unit” is on the case. According to TMZ, Selena has obtained a restraining order against Thomas Brodnicki, a 46-year-old man who reportedly told his shrink that he traveled across state lines in hopes of meeting Selena, visited her workplace three times, and has talked to God about killing her.

Selena says she is in “extreme fear” over the threat, which Los Angeles police officials are taking “extremely seriously.” Per the protective order, Brodnicki must stay a minimum of 100 yards away from Selena at all times.

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