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Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie make one hell of a good-looking couple in the first photos for The Legend of Tarzan, a tale that explores what happens after Tarzan, the legendary man raised by apes, returns to the Congo after having left for a decade. USA Today has released two photos of the main characters in half-Victorian-half-jungle garb, and they’re looking amazing:

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In these photos, Skarsgård plays an anguished Tarzan, returning to the Congo as an emissary of Parliament after leaving his African home ten years ago. Married to his beloved Jane, Tarzan has become a full British gentleman in the decade since he gave up his kingship of the jungle. Rather than tell the story of the “civilization” of a wild man, this story tells the opposite side of the tale: a man returning to his wild roots, reverting to an animalistic, “natural” state.

Of the role, Skarsgård has stated, “It’s almost the opposite of the classic tale, where it’s about taming the beast. This is about a man who’s holding back and slowly as you peel off the layers, he reverts back to a more animalistic state and lets that side of his personality out.”

Especially when juxtaposed with the strict, straight-laced Victorian world he now inhabits, Tarzan’s tale of returning to the Congo will surely explore questions of humanity, society, and the state of nature. Plus—these two beautiful actors make for some classic Hollywood eye candy.

Finally, check out the evocative poster for the film, due for a July 1, 2016 release:


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