See David Beckham’s Epic Selfie With Tom Cruise And Guy Ritchie Atop The Wellington Arch



David Beckham Epic Selfie with Tom Cruise and Guy Richie

English Football star and model David Beckham, along with his buddies, actor Tom Cruise and director Guy Ritchie, climbed up to the famous Wellington Arch to take a selfie on Sunday night. The three dare devils climbed the 28 foot London landmark solely for the purpose of taking the picture.

David had hosted a dinner party in the landmark building earlier that evening when he, Guy and Tom, decided to scale the famed Wellington Arch. David’s lavish party was in celebration of his personal brand of whisky Haig Club that had recently launched. Guy recently directed an advertisement for the Haig Club. Their good friend Tom Cruise is currently in London filming the upcoming fifth installment of the Mission Impossible series.

David shared the trio’s adventurous picture on Facebook with a caption that read: “Here’s a pic of me with my dear friends Guy Ritchie and Tom Cruise from my Haig Club London dinner this past Sunday. ?#?HaigClubLondon.’”

Pictures that were taken by photographers outside the building showed the friends’ efforts to achieve their spectacular picture and revealed that Guy’s fiancée Jacqui Ainsley, also scaled up the monument alongside the others.

Tom, of course, is used to these kinds of activities. He’s known to do his own stunts in and out of his movies. He recently scaled the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is known as the tallest building in the world, so the arch was no doubt easy in comparison. He even gave David, a renowned sportsman, a helping hand as he struggled to scale the structure.

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