See Charlie Sheen Meet Ashton Kutcher Backstage at the Emmys [PHOTOS]

Charlie Sheen gave a brief but heartfelt speech at the Emmys last night (video below), wishing his “Two and a Half Men” successor, Ashton Kutcher, the best of luck.

But what happened when the two bumped into each other backstage?

It was apparently quite cordial then too — Sheen even tweeted out two photos of the old-and-new guard together at last.

This picture was posted along with a tweet that read:

Giving the new kid a little advice..! With @aplusk backstage at the Emmy’s …

And just a couple minutes later, he posted another picture, saying:

Seriously… @aplusk great talking to you! We’ll all be watching! Make us proud!!

Sheen also replied to a few reactions to his Emmys speech.

When @HollandTaylor, who played Charlie’s TV mom, told him, “Elegant…elegant xxoo,” he responded with:

Holland, I am and always will be your greatest fan!!
Thank you for all the love!
xo c

And his reply to @miafarrow, who said “Charlie you were so gracious. #Classact,” was:

That seals it. you’re officially invited to my party tomorrow!

The party he’s talking about is presumably for his roast, which Comedy Central is airing Monday. Which is, of course, the same night the season premiere of “Two and a Half Men” — with its new star — airs as well.

Here’s what Charlie said when he was a presenter at the Emmys on Sunday night:

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