‘Secret In Their Eyes’ Trailer Features Oscar Potential In Thriller With Amazing Cast [Watch]


Secret In Their Eyes features one of the best casts in recent years and will certainly be on the radar for the Oscars. The film is a remake, but with this American cast, many people might forget all about the original.

It is based on a 2009 Argentinian film of the same name, directed by Juan José Campanella and winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Often times, a remake can seem pointless and may not live up to the original, but in some cases, certain films are only able to be seen by most American audiences with the help of a remake.

The American remake of Secret In Their Eyes features an All-Star cast made up of Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Roberts. While not as well-known, Dean Norris (Breaking Bad, Under The Dome) and Michael Kelly (House Of Cards) are also a part of the supporting cast.

Secret In Their Eyes presents an incredibly exciting and intense story that centers around three people working together at the FBI whose lives torn apart following a brutal murder involving someone who is close to one of them. Many years later, Ray (Ejiofor) gets a lead that could finally resolve the case, but it only leads to something even more destructive.


From the looks of the trailer, Julia Roberts could be giving one of the most emotional performances of her career, which is saying a lot. At one point, she says “Justice, I owe my daughter that” in yet another role that could earn her award nominations.

The film is written and directed by Billy Ray, who has previously directed Shattered Glass and Breach, as well as writing a number of screenplays including The Hunger Games.

In addition to being a remake of the 2009 film, it is also based on the novel by Eduardo Sacheri. It is an intense thriller and the type of film that will allow each actor to excel at what they do best.

Secret In Their Eyes will be released in theaters on October 23rd.

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