Second Kanye West Sex Tape Shopped

Kanye West is facing even more embarrassment as a second video featuring the rapper doing the Mattress Mambo with a Kim Kardashian doppelganger has hit the marketplace. Yep, it appears ‘Ye’s career as an amateur porn star is off to a rousing start, with two sex tapes currently being shopped to media outlets.

According to TMZ, a third party is trying to sell two near-identical tapes of the rapper filmed with different Kim lookalikes. Both were shot several years ago and are anything but short — one clocks in at around twenty minutes, the other is more than forty and said to feature non-stop action.

Kanye doesn’t know how the recordings were stolen from his personal computer, but his legal team “plans to go after the culprits with a legal vengeance” if the footage ever makes it to the Interwebs. Rumor has it that all members of the hip-hopster’s inner circle are being looked at as suspects.

Considering what a “leaked” skin flick did for his current squeeze career, maybe he should welcome the free publicity.

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