Scream TV Series: First Peek At Mask That Will Replace Classic Ghostface


The Scream TV series, based on the 1996 movie and sequels, is bound to be a thrilling, campy, horror that will reflect the classic slasher film style. As its June 30th debut nears, cast and crew are releasing a few new teaser details. Among these, one detail that has been highly anticipated is the mask that will replace Ghostface.

The Ghostface mask has become an icon in itself — versions of it are still a popular seller for Halloween, and it was also key in the parody Scary Movie. However, the copyright on the Ghostface mask is owned by a company called Fun World, and they reportedly refused to allow it to be used for the new series.

What would the Scream series be without the iconic Ghostface, though? Actually, it looks like it still has the potential to live up to its name. You can check out the trailer below.

So, without further ado, here’s the new mask:

It keeps the gaping-mouth style, and the hyper-simplicity of the original Ghostface masks, but apparently without the hood. It actually is a bit reminiscent of some other classic slashers, with the feel of Jason (Friday the 13th) and Mike Meyers (Halloween) blended together.

While the shape and starkness are similar to Michael Meyers, above, the leather straps call to mind Jason Vorhees and his hockey mask, as shown below.

If you’re wondering about the body count you can expect from the Scream TV series, we’ll leave you with this last promo clip.

The Scream TV series premieres June 30th on MTV.

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