Scott Disick Playgirl Naked Centerfold Six-Figure Deal

If the thought of Patrick Bateman in his birthday suit really lights your fire, have we got news for you: Kourtney Kardashian’s bad boy baby daddy Scott Disick has been offered a six-figure deal to strip down in an upcoming issue of Playgirl, according to at least one new tabloid report.

“Scott loves publicity and he loves money so he’s thinking it over,” says a pal. “He has a good body but if he takes the offer, he’ll really hit the gym. Scott does what’s best for Scott,” adds the pal.

But the preppy New Yorker’s plans to bare all may cause strife in his already strained relationship with Kourtney. The socialite is said to be strongly against the idea of women (and a good portion of gay man over 40) salivating over her man’s naughty bits.

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