“Scarface” Kids Parody VIDEO

Say hello to my little friend! No, this isn’t really a school play — but it’s just as inappropriate. A mini version of Brian De Palma’s 1982 crime cult classic Scarface is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation.

Although a failure at the box office due to its language and strong violence, Scarface is beloved in some sectors of society for its unlying theme of raising from poverty to capture the American dream…by any means necessary.

This unorthodox Scarface spoof was drected by Marc Klasfeld — who masterminded Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” in addition to numerous other videos.

The parody video is called “Scarface School Play” and stars a mini-Tony Montana and a kindergarten class full of other tacky Italian suit-wearing thugs and goons using toy guns for battle and indulging mounds of popcorn used to symbolize the cocaine that catapulted Pacino’s Cuban-born Montana to the top of Miami’s drug hierarchy in the original flick.

The YouTube clip features the young Montana screaming out the famous line “Say hello to my little friend” before peppering his enemies with bullets. In another scene, Tony’s wife Elvira (Michelle Pfieffer in the original), played by a young girl dressed in a blonde wig and white dress, cries out: “You do coke and you kill people, that’s wonderful Tony,” before telling him “I’m leaving you, mother fudger.”

Yep, she said “fudger.”

YouTube viewers have had mixed reactions about the video, with some describing the clip as inappropriate.

What do you think?

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