“Sex And The City 2” Banned In Abu Dhabi?

Sex And The City 2 is facing a ban in Abu Dhabi, the conservative Arabic city in which it is set.

The plot of the eagerly-awaited chick flick — a follow-up to 2008’s Sex And The City: The Movie — features series stars Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones on vacation in Abu Dhabi.
Last year, city officials turned down a request to film on location, forcing the cast and crew to head to Morocco to recreate the Abu Dhabi setting. Now, however, Shooting Stars — Warner Bros.’ distributor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — has revealed that Arabic decency officials have still not made a decision about whether or not to bring the film to cinemas in Abu Dhabi after its release in North American and Europe later this month.

The original SATC Movie, which is the big screen adaptation of the hugely popular television series that ran every Sunday night on HBO from 1998 to 2004, was not shown in the UAE when it hit theaters across the globe two years ago. The film and all promotional materials bearing the word “sex” were also banned in two Iraeli cities in 2008.

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