Sarah Palin’s son Track files for Divorce

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Just one year after Sarah Palin’s oldest child, Track, said I do, he has filed for divorce. Track, who married his girlfriend Britta, three months after their daughter was born, appears to have all the detals worked out. In paperwork filed with an Alaskan court, Track and Britta have already divided property and agreed to…

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First Look: Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in ‘Game Change’

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Tina Fey won an Emmy for impersonating vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. Will Julianne Moore do the same for capturing the magic of the self-professed maverick in the upcoming made-for-TV movie Game Change?

Sarah Palin Is Not Running For President

The sound you just heard was a collective sigh of relief from the American public…Those of us with connected brain cells, that is. There’s big news brewing on the political front: After months of teasing us in a game of “Will She, Won’t She?” Alaskan “maverick” (Insert Eye-Rolling Here…) Sarah Palin has announced that she…

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Bristol Palin Sports Some New Ink


Bristol Palin — daughter, mother, endless source of scorn for Mercede Johnston — was recently spotted with a new tattoo on the top of her right foot.

Sarah Palin’s Son Track Bestows Her Second Grandchild


On Sunday night, Sarah Palin’s son Track and his wife Britta reportedly had a daughter — Kyla Grace Palin. For those of you who are all, “wait, didn’t they just get married three months ago?” Yeah. Totally ahead of you.

Sarah Palin May Be About to Become a Grandmother – Again

Sarah Palin

Back in May, Sarah Palin’s 22-year-old son, Track, married his high school sweetheart. It was a small, family-only ceremony and everyone was in jeans and it took place in a remote Alaska town, which is all lovely and intimate until you remember this was Sarah Palin’s son. The odds of her not wanting a spotlight…

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Is Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated” The Worst Film Ever?

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Ouch! Republican maverick and self-described Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin’s first foray into film, The Undefeated, has garnered the dubious honor of a 0 percent rating from all critics’ reviews compiled so far on global reviews site Rotten Tomatoes.

NYC Schoolchildren Give Sarah Palin A History Lesson On The Ride Of Paul Revere

Paul Revere hasn’t been this popular in years. Ever the maverick, potential presidential hopeful Sarah Palin set off a national history debate during her “One Nation” bus tour earlier this month, this after she delivered a — er — colorful interpretation of Revere’s famous ride. Critics slammed Palin for being historically inaccurate, but the politician…

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Most Americans Say “No” To Trump Or Palin For President

Common sense isn’t so common anymore, so it’s comforting to know that even a stalled economy and $5 gasoline isn’t enough to seduce many Americans over to “The Dark Side.” (And by “Dark Side,” we mean conservatism….) Nearly 60 percent of Americans would never support a Republican presidential bid by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin…

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First Look: Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin “Game Change” Movie

Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin Picture

We admit it. The film buff in us yelped a little (and not with enthusiasm) when HBO Films elected Oscar-nominated ginger Julianne Moore to play noodle noggin vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a new TV film. Of course, that was before we got our first look at the Freckleface Strawberry author in character as the…

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Julianne Moore Sarah Palin HBO “Game Change” Movie

Academy Award-nominated actress Julianne Moore has been tapped to play another famous ginger — former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — in an HBO Original Movie that will be adapted from Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s bestselling expose on the 2008 presidential campaign, scooped this afternoon. What do we think of this casting, ‘Crunchers?

Sarah Palin Blasts Kathy Griffin

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Here at PopCrunch, we love a good feud. (We’re Goss Watchers — What do you expect?!) So you know this is right up our alley: Sarah Palin has blasted comedienne Kathy Griffin as a “50-year-old adult bully” and a “has-been.” Ouch: Burn!

Sarah Palin Reacts To Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting [VIDEO Message]

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Sarah Palin is going head-to-head with the Big Bad Liberal Media — again — after coming under fire for posting suggestive images that some Americans believe played a role in Saturday’s supermarket massacre in Tucson.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” Not Returning For Second Season?

Sarah Palin’s political ambitions are cutting the former Alaska governor’s days as a reality TV darling short. Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the Republican rock star’s popular travelogue series, is unlikely to return to TLC for a new season, Entertainment Weekly has learned.