Sarah Palin Picture Gallery

Sarah Palin as a child

PopCrunch is collecting as many Sarah Palin pictures in one place as we can find. Stay tuned as this photo gallery gets bigger and bigger with more and more pics of the VP candidate who has become an overnight celebrity. Personally, we’re hoping for more hot photos of Palin when she was young.

Here we see Sarah Palin the outdoorsman with a fish (or is that outdoorswoman). Even in the midst of the great outdoors she’s a hottie.

This is a recent photo of Palin in a car.

Sarah Palin waiving to a crowd in Alaska.

Flaunting her assets, Palin tells the world she may be broke but she’s not flat busted (that’s flat chested for those of you who are younger than Palin).

In this pic, Sarah Palin is playing basketball in high school. We hope more older photos like this turn up.

sarah palin miss wasilla
They thought Sarah Palin was hot back then too.

She’s a hunter too. OMG.

Showing off her foreign diplomacy skills.

Tough as nails. That’s Putin, the bear.

Palin in Kuwait

Sarah Palin on cover of Vogue magazine

Palin with her blue car back in the day.

Sarah and her sister are both hot.

More hot Sarah Palin pictures as they become available.

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