Sarah Palin & Entourage Go On Oscar Swag Suite Freebie Spree!

You just can’t invite some people anywhere! Sarah Palin took a day off from shopping her proposed network reality show around Tinseltown to stock up on free swag at an Oscar suite this week.

You Betcha!

On Wednesday, the controversial politician and an entourage of nearly two dozen cohorts — including nannies, assistants, and security personnel — descended on an Oscar gifting suite benefiting the Red Cross and snatched up freebies until their arms nearly gave way. That’s not very conservative of you, Sarah! Pascal Mouawad baubles, Skagen watches, United Hair Care products, and Bloom beauty products were among the items Palin and Co. carted off before making a dash, say spywitnesses, who watched in awe as the group cleaned out the joint.

Palin’s 16-year-old daughter, Willow, had her ‘do done by one of Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylists, and a Hollywood Life spy claims Palin took as many as 40 pairs of headphones!

“They were like locusts,” a staffer at the Silver Spoon’s Swag Lounge snickered to E! News. “She showed up with like 20 people, and they immediately swarmed the place taking everything!”

The Los Angeles Times says Palin made a $1,700 donation to the Red Cross following her freebie frenzy and many hawk some of the items she grabbed in an upcoming charity auction.

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